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Tram stops

There are nearly 300 trams stops in Helsinki. Most of them are raised, in other words the stop is at almost the same level as the floor of the low-floor trams. The majority of the stops have a shelter. Tram stops are managed by HKL Infra Services and the stop shelters by JCDecaux.

The party responsible for tram stop maintenance varies depending on the location of the tram stop. HKL Tram Unit is responsible for maintaining stops located in the centre of the road, while stops bordering parks and the city’s real estate are maintained by the Helsinki City Public Works Department, HKR. Tram stops located in front of properties are maintained by the property in question.

The safe distance from the edge of the stop has been marked with a white border. It also acts as the high-visibility marking next to a high kerbstone.

Please use the crosswalk when you cross the track or leave the stop.

Information on the accessibility of tram stops is available in the Journey Planner by searching your route through advanced search.

Stop displays

At the busiest tram stops, Helmi displays (Helsinki public transport signal priority and passenger information system) show the line-specific arrival time of the next two trams in real time.

The displays at tram stops check the location of trams using GPS. If the tram cannot make contact with the satellite for some reason, the display at the stop will show the tram arrival time based on the time n the timetable (with a ~ sign before the minutes). This means that the time shown on the display won’t necessarily be correct.

The displays at stops cannot show the arrival times of trams on diverted routes. This is why the displays will sometimes be completely switched off to make sure that they do not give passengers inaccurate information. However, any route diversions will be shown in the information text scrolling across the bottom of the screen.

HSL is in charge of the stop displays’ operation.