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Instructions for passengers

This page has instructions for tram travel. You can contact the tram driver in any matters related to your journey. General instructions on how to travel by public transport in Helsinki are available on the HSL website.

How can I pay for my journey?
The easiest way to pay for your journey is by travel card or by mobile phone, and it is also cheaper than a regular single ticket. On your travel card, you can load either a season ticket or a value ticket. If you purchase a mobile ticket (send A1 to the number 16355), you need to have the ticket on your mobile phone before boarding a tram. You can also buy a single ticket from the parking machine or from a ticket machine. More information on tickets is available on the HSL website.

What should I take into account when I board a tram?
Allow people to exit before boarding. If you have trouble moving, please use the door closest to the driver. The tram doors will close automatically, when no one has passed through for a while. The closed doors can be opened again by pressing the button. You can prevent the doors from closing by ensuring that there is something blocking the sensor. The safety edges of the doors ensure that the doors reopen if there is something between them.

Where should I put the free newspaper I was reading?
If you do not want to take your free newspaper with you, please put it back into the paper bag.

When should I press the stop button?
Press the stop button well in advance, although not before the tram has left the previous stop.

Can I drink coffee on the tram?
Eating or drinking in the tram is not recommended. Passengers must ensure that any food they carry does not spill onto the tramcar or other passengers. Food in closed or sealed containers or bags can be transported on the tram. You can drink coffee from a cup protected with a cover, as long as you ensure that there are no spills.

Can I take my bike with me on the tram?
Transporting bikes and very large items by tram is not allowed for safety reasons.

Can I take my pet with me on the tram?
Taking pets with you is allowed as long as they are sitting on your lap or kept on a leash and they do not disturb the other passengers.

Can I smoke on the tram?
Smoking on trams is prohibited. Please also avoid smoking in the stop areas.

May I board a tram while wearing roller-skates?
For safety reasons, travelling by tram while wearing roller-skates is not allowed. Skateboards must be carried. Skating or skateboarding at the stops is also prohibited.

How should I travel with a pram?
In trams, the spaces for prams are located near the second pair of doors as seen from the front of the tram. The low-floor tramcars also have one space right behind the driver. By pressing the pram button, the doors will remain open for longer. The prams should be lifted onto and out of high-floor trams with the handlebar pointing inside. Prams with a width of 62 centimetres or less can fit through the doors, and even wider ones can fit into the low-floor trams or tramcars with a low-floor middle section.

How to use the wheelchair ramp on Helsinki’s new Artic tram:


What to do in an emergency?
Please notify the driver of any disturbances. In case of an emergency, there are emergency stop handles in all tramcars. In the newer vehicles, it is placed under a cover.

How can I be safe at a stop?
The safe distance from the edge of the stop has been marked with a white border. Please use the crosswalk when you cross the track or leave the stop.