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‘tramcar with a low-floor middle section’ (former ‘old articulated, high articulated, hinge’)



original manufacturers of the tramcar
Valmet Oy / Oy Sisu-Auto Ab / Oy Strömberg Ab (1983–87)

manufacturers of the tramcar with a low-floor middle section:
HKL Tram Unit/VIS (2006–2010)

Manufactured in:
1983–1987, modernised 2006–

Tramcar numbers:

The articulated trams equipped with low-floored section have 2 joints, 4 bogies (8 axels) and chopper control. The middle section increases accessibility to city transport and makes travel smoother for all passengers, as the floor of the section is nearly at the same level as the tram stop. Travelling is comfortable, as the tramcar has a heated floor and it moves smoothly. The compatibility of the new section with the original tramcar was also taken into account.

The middle section is 6.5 metres long and it has ten fixed seats and three foldable seats. The section can also accommodate two wheelchairs or two prams. There is also a brochure on the articulated tram equipped with a low-floor middle section.

In the 2000s, the tramcars were also comprehensively renovated, during which the tramcar technology and interiors were modernised and the whole steel frame sand-blasted and surface treated to look like new.


Length 26.5 m
Width 2.3 m
Length of the undercarriage 1.8 + 6.4 + 6.4 + 6.4 m
Driving motors 2 x Strömberg GHCU/H6232
-kW 2 x 130 kW
Brakes Plate, electric, track
Weight: 33.5 t
Seats 49
Standing spaces 120

Originally, tramcars 71–103 were delivered in red and grey colours.