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The trams in service are mainly Finnish articulated trams manufactured by Valmet and Strömberg (NRV I, MLNRV I and MLNRV II). There are a total of 82 of these. There are also 40 of the newer Variotram low-floor trams, manufactured before and just after 2000.

The tram transport unit manages the majority of everyday tram maintenance and repairs. However, external subcontractors are also used for tramcar repairs. In addition to maintenance, tramcars are also upgraded and renovated. For example, tramcars with a low-floor middle section have been installed in some of the articulated trams.

40 new Artic trams have been ordered for Helsinki. The two first trams are already carrying passengers and the rest will be completed between 2015 and 2018. The Artic tram has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of Helsinki’s tram network and the Nordic climate. Brochure on the new tram (PDF)


MLNRV III "Artic"     






MLRV "Variotram"

HKL 175 "Spårakoff"

HKL 150


HKL 339


Clearance truck HE 125