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Charter transport

Trams can be hired for charters. Any private person, association or company can hire a tram. A charter group must be defined in advance, in accordance with the principles of a private event. Charter operations cannot be scheduled operations similar to line traffic, with tram stop services included. HKL Tram Unit controls the amount of charters based on the availability of drivers and trams.

The tram’s exterior cannot be decorated or modified. You should agree separately upon any decorations and cleaning inside the tram with the person in charge of the charter.

Among others, you can hire an articulated tram, a low-floor tram, HKL 150 or the four-axle tram from the 50s. See the presentation of the fleet from the fleet page.

Inquiries concerning charters



040 136 7415 on Tuesdays and on Thursdays at 10 - 12

Recommended prices 2019:

Summer season prices

Tram car rent 1 May – 30 September

on weekdays    
starting additional hour     
810 e/2h
270 e

at weekends      
starting additional hour 
1134 e/2h
378 e

Winter season prices

Tram car rent 1 October – 30 April

on weekdays
starting additional hour
650 e/2h
217 e
at weekends  
starting additional hour
910 e/2h
303 e

The basic price includes two hours inclusive of departure from and return to the depot. A surcharge is made for each additional hour or part thereof. Value added tax is 10%.

On the Spårakoff tram you can also enjoy various brewery products. The tram is not operated by HKL, so enquiries should be made by phone, tel. +358 20 123 4800.