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Instructions for passengers

Passenger instructions and safety

Where does the area in which I need to have a ticket start?

The platform area begins at the ticket reader, which is marked with yellow signs. From thereon, you need to possess a valid travel ticket. If you order your ticket via HSL app, you should already have it on your mobile when you enter the area. For more information on tickets, visit the pages of HSL.

Are there certain rules I should follow on the escalators?

You should stand on the right side of the escalators, so that people in hurry may pass you on the left.

Are there any instructions about boarding the metro?

Allow passengers to step off the train before boarding. A sound will play when doors are closing. If the sound is playing, please do not stand between the doors. Wait for the next metro, it will be along soon.

Can I take my bicycle with me to the metro?

Yes, but avoid rush hours, as the entrance area will be quite full. Walk the bike (do not cycle) and use the lifts.

What should I do with prams or pets on the metro?

For safety reasons, prams should not be taken onto the escalators. Always use the lift to transport a pram. The prams should be kept in the free entrance area, because they block the pathway if they are left in the corridor.

Transporting of pets is allowed in every second carriage. Carriages where pets are not allowed are marked with a crossed out dog symbol. The safest way to transport a cat is in a cage, and transport is allowed in carriages without the abovementioned prohibition sign. This way, people with allergies can choose a carriage marked with the prohibition sign and travel safely without worrying about allergenic animal fur.

Why are there no waste bins in the metro trains?

There are no bins in the metro trains for reasons of fire safety. Please use the waste bins at the stations. The stations also have collection points for free newspapers.