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The M200 series was introduced at the turn of the millennium, when the extension of Vuosaari track branch increased the need for vehicles. The trains were delivered by the rail equipment giant Bombardier and manufactured in Germany. For the passenger, the main difference compared to the old trains is the possibility of operating the carriage pairs independently of each other.


The technical specifications of M200 carriage pairs

Type: electric motor train (operating voltage 750 V DC)
Manufacturer: Bombardier, Alstom
Years of manufacture: 2000–2001
Number: 12 carriage pairs
Numbering: 201–224 (carriage pair: odd + even)
Passengers: 287 in total, 124 seated
Structural maximum speed: 100 km/h
Tare weight: 64.8 t
Maximum axle weight: 13 t
Length: 44.3 m
Width: 3.2 m
Height: 3.7 m
Engines: 8 x Alstom Traxis
Power: 920 kW