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The M100 series was designed, built and tested at the same time as the metro line. The metro trains were produced in Finland and they have proven to be very reliable and durable in use.

The oldest M100 series carriages are from 1977 and the most recent from 1984. Excluding the six oldest prototype carriages, the whole series was renovated between 2004 and 2009, and the metro trains will remain in use for another two decades.


The technical specifications of M100 carriage pairs

Type: electric motor train (operating voltage 750 V DC)
Manufacturer: Valmet, Strömberg
Years of manufacture: 1977–1984
Number: 42 carriage pairs
Numbering: 101–184 (carriage pair: odd + even)
Passengers: 287 in total, 130 seated
Structural maximum speed: 100 km/h
Tare weight: 60.8 t
Maximum axle weight: 13 t
Length: 44.2 m
Width: 3.2 m
Height: 3.7 m
Engines: 8 x Strömberg HXUR/E 50562
Power: 1,000 kW