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HKL’s bike services

Quickly by bike in the city

Helsinki is a city for cyclists. The city’s goal is to increase the percentage of traffic made up by cycling, and HKL has accepted the duty of developing the city bike system and provide services related to cycling in Helsinki.

The Bike Centre, operating in the city centre between May and September, is a familiar place to many. In the centre, you can pump up your tires and carry out minor maintenance work with the help of an expert. The Bike Centre also gives advice on the best cycling routes.

The city bike system was launched in May 2016. In summer 2016, there are 500 bikes in 50 locations around the city center. The area will be expanded in summer 2017 and more bikes will be added. The goal is for there to be 1,500 bikes and 150 bike stations by that time. City bikes are shared-use bicycles that can be borrowed for a fee by anyone in central Helsinki. You can register as a user atörät.

HKL is also constructing Park-and-Ride facilities for bicycles. Park-and-Ride services for bicycles will be arranged for the biggest traffic junction points, making it easy to utilize public transport. A smooth transition between cycling and public transport helps to decrease the amount of car traffic and carbon dioxide emissions, which is in line with the city’s environmental goals.