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Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Natural Sciences provides general upper secondary school education as well as a programme specialising in natural sciences. The school has more than 700 students, one third of whom are in the science programme and two thirds in the general programme.

Due to the special task of the school there is a large selection of courses in mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry and geography. These courses are available to all students. The selection of courses in other subjects is wide as well, enabling the students to progress individually and focus on the subjects of their choice.

Contact information

Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Natural Sciences
Address: Mäkelänkatu 84, 00610 HELSINKI
PL 3803, 00099 Helsingin kaupunki

Principal Timo Hartikka
+ 358 9 310 82062, timo.hartikka(at)

School office
+358 9 310 80458

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