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Accessibility Symbols

The Accessibility symbol website is an accessibility databank, featuring a collection of relevant pictograms and general information on accessibility signage.

The databank is based on the ‘Accessibility symbol project’ conducted by the ‘Helsinki for All’ project and interest groups in 2010–2011. The purpose of this project was to compile and design pictograms indicating accessible functions and general public services that need to be accessible and clearly signposted.

The databank includes symbols designed and drawn in the course of the project as well as existing accessibility symbols already in use. In many cases, the new symbols are based on existing ones. The symbols designed in the course of the project form a coherent series that can be deployed on service maps, indoor signs, outdoor signs and online publicity. The symbols were designed by Kokoro & Moi Oy.

In addition to accessibility symbols, there are many general service symbols in the databank. There are also pointers to standards and design directives featuring pictograms.

The pictograms in the databank are divided into the following categories:

The databank now has its first collection of pictograms, and it will be added to from time to time.

Note that not all of the symbols in the databank are free for use; there are standard and official symbols for whose use a separate permit must be obtained. Information on whom to contact regarding the use and availability of these symbols is included in the databank. All of the symbols developed in the ‘Accessibility symbol project’ may be used freely for non-commercial purposes. You can find all those symbols here.

The symbols developed in the project may be downloaded in JPEG format and AI (vector graphics) format. Some of the symbols compiled from other databanks are available in EPS format in addition to JPEG.

Project partners

The symbols developed for the pictogram databank were required to be clear, understandable and accessible. This has been ensured through cooperation with various organisations of the disabled and other partners; the symbols have also been circulated widely for comment and tested. The pictograms were also tested in the form of tactile images at a session organised by the Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired.


- City of Espoo, Accessibility Representative

- Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities, Accessibility Centre ESKE

- Culture for All Service

- Finnish Federation of Hard of Hearing

- Kynnys: the Threshold Association

- Me Itse ry. NGO

- Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired

- Finnish Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Papunet online service unit

- VAU ry [disabled sport and fitness association]



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