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The City of Helsinki Accessibility Plan

The City of Helsinki Accessibility Plan is the foundation for an accessible Helsinki. The plan approved by the Helsinki City Board on 14.11.2005 directs and commits the city’s offices and institutions to developing ease of access and smooth functioning.

An accessible environment means

  • convenient movement and functioning on streets, squares, parks, yards and playgrounds 
  • easy access to buildings and unimpeded movement within them 
  • stairless access from one place to another and between transport modes 
  • clear directional signs 
  • a good acoustic environment

The City of Helsinki Accessibility Plan requires that all public areas are constructed and remodelled for accessibility. There should be ease of movement and action especially

  • in areas in the city centre 
  • on pedestrian streets 
  • at public transport stops 
  • in the immediate surroundings of health centres and service buildings 
  • in public recreational areas and playgrounds designed for all 
  • in areas with a predominance of elderly or disabled people

The City of Helsinki Accessibility Plan (pdf, 0,9 MB), text version of the City of Helsinki Accessibility Plan (doc 0,4 MB)

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