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Mayor's Independence Day celebration for fourth graders

The City of Helsinki has been organizing Independence Day celebrations for Helsinki 4th graders at Finlandia Hall since 1997. The celebration, which brings together the entire 10-year-old age group, is hosted by the mayor, formerly by the chief executive. Unfortunately, for this year 2021, as it was last year, the coronavirus situation will prevent thousands of children from celebrating together. However, the celebrations will be organized on a school-by-school basis on 14 December.

In the years prior to last year, the celebrations have been staged over the same day at three different events, attended by a total of about 6,000 partygoers. In 2020, due to the coronavirus situation, it was decided to postpone the celebrations to spring 2021, when, however, the events still had to be postponed to the autumn term of 2021. The plan was that there would be two celebrations in November-December, one for the current 4th graders and another for last year’s 4th graders, i.e. the current 5th graders. In total, this group includes about 12,000 children.

Despite the coronavirus situation, Helsinki would like to offer every 4th and 5th grader the opportunity to participate in memorable celebrations. Independence will be celebrated at school-specific celebrations in December 2021.

The schools will organize dance parties for 4th and 5th graders, in which it will be possible for the guardians to participate as an audience when using face masks. In addition to the dances, the program includes catering and a pre-recorded greeting from Mayor Juhana Vartiainen and Deputy Mayor for Education Nasima Razmyar. The Helsinki Events Foundation is responsible for the overall planning of the celebrations.

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Information regarding the exact time of the celebration to be held in December will be provided on this page during the first week of November (week 44).
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