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Streat Helsinki EATS to serve an explosion of flavours

Streat Helsinki Eats

Street food festival Streat Helsinki EATS takes over central Helsinki's Tori Quarters with food trucks, vans and stands on Saturday 19 March, 11am-7pm. This year's edition is a celebration of diversity with flavours from the world over. 

On Saturday 19 March, the Tori Quarters and the Havis Amanda statue play host to the Streat Helsinki EATS event with over 30 returning and first-timer street food entrepreneurs showcasing fine-tuned and novel dishes in a collection of menus like never before.

- Even the more established food vendors have joined with completely new dishes and concepts. Coming up is possibly the most interesting collection of menus in the history of Streat Helsinki, rejoices Anna Pakarinen, Executive Producer at Tori Quarters and EATS.

During its three years of existence, Streat Helsinki EATS has been a test platform for many food entrepreneurs.

- EATS has sparked many long partnerships for us, which makes us happy. The event is also a good occasion to test out the possibilities of urban spaces. Food entrepreneurs can, on their part, prototype their own products and concepts in practice. As before, we are also excited to see some restaurants make their first street-side appearances, Pakarinen explains.

Local specialities and mouth-watering novelties   

Some recurring themes amongst the carefully curated group of vendors include local ingredients and ecologically-driven concepts. The wild herb-laced pea falafel by Oma Maa is nearby food at its finest – as in many other menus, these ingredients hail directly from the fields of Tuusula in the metropolitan area. The Helsinki-based Maannos will bring a dish to the EATS crowds that will later be found at the Vallisaari café. The Maannos waffles come with a topping of smoked fish, mushrooms and fava beans, or white chocolate and liquorice for the sweet tooth.

- We are inspired by locality. In addition, the ingredients are closely tied to seasons, tells Elmo Luoma-aho from Maannos.

Some less frequently seen dishes in Finland are served by, for instance, Fat Ramen with their Japanese okonomiyaki omelette pancakes served with a delicious cricket filling, and the spicy skewer-grilled eggs by Bangkok Street. Roti Street Food from Turku will make a pitstop on their food Vespa to whip up some roti crêpes, wrapped around a filling of pulled pork, pepperoni or pesto – or Nutella, fudge or marshmallow rotis as the sweet options.    

Asia, Latin America and flavours from the sea

The Sichuan kitchen is on a roll. Street Gastro is doing their part to praise Sichuan flavours with a menu that features, for example, the dragon tea egg speciality, as well as fried eggplant and seitan, and double-boiled pork. Another kitchen leaning on Asian street food fare is Fabrik from Tallinn. Their menu includes buns filled with pork belly and wakame seaweed, carrot steak with citrusy yuzu fruit, and wonton soup.

Latin American kitchens are another inspiration at this year's festival. A double helping is arriving from Stockholm, as both Jeffrey's and The Good Gringo will serve Latin street food. In the case of The Good Gringo, the flavours are served as a trendy 'bowl'. Helsinki's own Cuban Street Kitchen is preparing some Cuban delicacies, such as cubano sandwiches with meat smoked over a full week.

As the maritime location of the Market Square would suggest, seaside flavours are also present at the festival. Social Food's menu of pike hot dogs and pike-lobster burgers represents traditional street food with a new, local twist. På Kroken's smoked shrimps from Hanko come with a side of aioli. Cafe & Bakery Lisboa's world of Portuguese tastes opens up from a plate of rice with seafood, Kimchi Wagon's trendy dish of the day is mussels in coconut water, and the Italian-Estonian Streat Fish serves Italian classics as seaside editions.

Out of the restaurants found in the Tori Quarters, Bryggeri Helsinki's steam buns are filled with the brewery's lentil kofta, pulled duck and over-cooked roast beef. The bear meat burger by Savotta hails from Kainuu in Eastern Finland, awakening the hunter senses of city folk. Recently opened on Katariinankatu, El Fant serves a soup of Jerusalem artichoke, entrecôte steak with beetroot, and homemade archipelago bread. Other neighbourhood participants include Vaelsa and Salutorget.  

Streat Helsinki EATS has free entry. Portion sizes and prices have been planned to fit the idea that festival-goers can sample many dishes. The festival area is found in the Tori Quarters: Sofiankatu, Katariinankatu, Pohjoisesplanadi and the Flower Market.

Streat Helsinki aims at celebrating street food and developing a fun, communal city. The goal is also to enhance collaboration and understanding among different players both in Finland and internationally. The main partner of Streat Helsinki is the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

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