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Lentoasemanpuisto Ideas Competition

The City of Helsinki in cooperation with the Finnish Association of Landscape Architects (MARK) held an open international ideas competition for the design of Lentoasemanpuisto on the site of the former Malmi Airport.

A total of 34 entries were submitted, presenting alternative ideas and approaches to planning Lentoasemanpuisto. The quality of the competition entries was high overall and they offered the chance to review the park’s future role at the centre of a constructed area from diverse perspectives. The best entries successfully incorporated the area’s natural values, cultural environment and varied functions to create a unique park with a strong identity.

The proposal “Crossing Horizons” by Maanlumo Oy and Collaboratorio Oy has been chosen as the winner of the Lentoasemanpuisto ideas competition. The decision of the jury on the winner was unanimous and praised was the park’s successful connection to its surroundings. The second place went to the proposal “Runway Meadows” by Arkkitehtuuri- ja maisemasuunnittelu NYMAN & RISTIMÄKI Oy / Johanna Ristimäki & Landscape Architect Sarianna Salminen / Sarianna Salminen. The third place went to LOCI Landscape Architects Oy with its proposal “ALULA”. Furthermore, the two purchases went to “Blue Ribbon” and “Malmi Atmos”. An honourable mention was given to “Malmi Kenttä Park”.

All proposals submitted to the competition can be found on the city's website at

The evaluation report can be found here.

The award ceremony can be viewed here.

28.09.2022 12:12