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Lentoasemanpuisto Ideas Competition

The City of Helsinki is organising an open, international ideas competition regarding plans for Lentoasemanpuisto in the former Malmi Airport area, known as the Malmin kenttä area. The competition is organised in cooperation with MARK, the Finnish Association of Landscape Architects, in accordance with the competition rules of the association.

The purpose of the competition is to find innovative, inspiring, and practically, technically and financially feasible suggestions for the design of Lentoasemanpuisto. The park will function as the central public space for the Malmin kenttä area and is of great importance for the overall identity of the district. Lentoasemanpuisto should also become a new destination for recreation in the city, attracting people from all over Helsinki.

The master plan for the Malmin kenttä area is based on a comprehensive green network, taking into account the various strengths of the area; the former runways, open spaces, long sightlines and connections to neighbouring green areas. This new green network will also invite the residents of surrounding neighbourhoods to an area that has previously been closed off to the public. 

The challenge in designing Lentoasemanpuisto lies in combining its rich cultural heritage, natural and ecological values and versatility in function. Furthermore, the park should be distinctive, unique, recognisable and of high quality.

Since construction of the complete area will take several decades, temporary use of the area should also be considered as this may guide the future identity of the park. The results of the competition will be utilised in planning the temporary use of the area as well as the final park design.

Registration period has ended

The registration period for the Lentoasemanpuisto ideas competition has ended. With the registration of over 70 teams, it is expected that a wide variety of concepts and ideas will be presented. Additionaly, a video containing interviews with several members of the jury is available at the top of this page or alternatively here.

Additonal footage of the competition area

Additional footage of the competition area is available here. The additional footage includes photographs, panorama photographs and drone photographs.

Second round of questions

The questions and answers of the second round can be found here.

First round of questions and information on the event

The questions and answers of the first round can be found here.

Unfortunately, as a result of the current situation and the uncertainty of the organization of events during the summer, the August event for residents and competitors has been cancelled. Also the planned online presentations for June have been cancelled. As we understand that the current situation has made it impossible or more difficult for teams to visit the area, we have decided to provide additional digital information in the form of interviews with the jury members, photos and drone footage. This additional material will be available in September.

Competition documents

The programme documents for the competition include the competition programme and its appendices. Any additions or modifications to the documents will be published on this competition website. The documents are available for download here.

Lentoasemanpuisto international ideas competition attracted 34 proposals

Competition entries are available for comments until 6 January here


 Publication of the programme documents
 11 May 2020
 Publication of the online presentations Cancelled
 June 2020
 Submission of first round of questions
 by 5 June 2020 at 16:00 EEST
 Answers to first round of questions
 by 18 June 2020
 Event for residents and competitors Cancelled
 August 2020
 Submission of second round of question
 by 14 August 2020 at 16:00 EEST
 Answers to second round of questions
 by 27 August 2020
 Final date for registration to the competition
 4 September 2020 at 16:00 EEST
 Final submission of competition entries
 6 November 2020 at 16:00 EET
 Results of the competition
 provisionally February 2021

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