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Contacting social services or reporting a need for social services

Are you concerned about a customer, loved one or a person you have met?

When should you contact social services or report a person’s need for services?

You can contact social services when the person in question has given their consent for this.

You can submit a report if you are concerned about a person who may need social services and who is unable to manage their income, substance abuse or independent living. The purpose of the report is to ensure that the person in question receives the support and services they need to cope with their situation.

You can also submit a report even without the person’s consent.

People other than authorities can submit a report anonymously. Please provide sufficient information in the report so that we can reach the correct person.

About whom can I contact social services or submit a report?

A contact or report based on the Social Welfare Act can be made about anyone whose situation seems alarming. If the person in question is a minor, please click here to contact the child welfare guidance services.

If the person in question is elderly, please contact Senior Info on +358 (0)9 310 44556 on weekdays 9-15. 
Submit a social care notification of an elderly person (over 65 years).

If you are unsure about which services to contact, you can click here to submit a report using this form in Finnish. We will forward the report to the correct services as needed. A printable form will be available soon.

Note! With this form, you can report people who are in need of help and are from Helsinki or staying in Helsinki. If you know that the person lives or stays elsewhere, please contact the social welfare authority in that municipality.

Who can contact social services or submit a report?

A contact or report based on the Social Welfare Act can be made by a private person, authority or any other party. Authorities are obliged to provide direction and notify other authorities based on Section 35 of the Social Welfare Act. Authorities always submit a report under their own name.

If a health care professional as defined in the Act on Health Care Professionals (559/1994), a social welfare officer or an employee of social services, education services, sports services, children’s day care services, fire and rescue services, the Emergency Response Centre Agency, Customs, police services, the Criminal Sanctions Agency, an employment and economic development authority, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, or an enforcement authority has, in the course of their work, discovered a person with an obvious need for social welfare services, they must direct the person in question to seek social services, or, if the person in question consents, contact the authority in charge of social welfare to assess the need for support.

If consent cannot be obtained and the person in question is obviously unable to care for their own welfare, health or safety, or if this is absolutely necessary in the interests of a child, the persons defined above must immediately report the need for social services, notwithstanding confidentiality regulations.

Persons other than those referred to above may also submit such a report, notwithstanding any confidentiality regulations that may apply.

Which services should I contact?

Contact social services or submit a report using the secure form in Finnish

During office hours, you can also call the service points for adult social work. You can also submit a written report directly to a service point.

You can receive advice and guidance from social services by phone on +358 (0)9 310 44400, Mon–Fri 9-16, or via chat, Mon-Fri 9-16. For more information, please visit

You can also send the report by post to the following address. A printable form will be available soon.

City of Helsinki

Social Services and Health Care Division

Adult Services/Social Guidance

Ala-Malmin tori 2

PO Box 7970

00099 City of Helsinki

Outside office hours, you can contact emergency social services, tel. +358 (0)20 696 006. In the event of an emergency, please call 112.

What happens after the initial contact/report?

After the report has been received, a service needs assessment for the person in question will start without delay, within 1 or 2 working days. A social welfare professional will assess the content of the report and the urgency of the situation and start looking into the matter.

Urgent matters

If the person needs a service need assessment or other social services urgently, please contact the telephone exchange on +358 (0)9 310 169 during office hours (Mon-Fri 8:15-16) or, outside office hours, emergency social services on +358 (0)20 696 006. In the event of an emergency, please call the public emergency number 112.

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