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Social services counselling

Do you need information about social services and how to apply for benefits?

In non-urgent situations:

Call on weekdays 9:00-16:00 tel. 09 3104 4400

The chat is open on weedays  9:00-16:00

Notice! On 17.9.2020 social services councelling services will close at 1pm and Chat at 1.30pm due to professional guidance. Service number will be open normally until 4pm.

Notice! All Social services councelling services are closed on 22.9.2020 and 8.12.2020.

During the corona epidemic, we recommend you call us or use the chat.

Social services counsellors are available without appointment.

Kalasatama service point
Työpajankatu 14 A, 1st floor, 00580 Helsinki
Map and connections
Mon-Fri 9:00–15:00
Wed in addition 16:00-18:00

Myllypuro service point, Myllypuro health station    
Jauhokuja 4, 3rd floor, 00920 Helsinki   
Map and connections
Mon, Wed and Fri 9:00–15:00
Tue 12:00–15:00
Thu closed

Vuosaari service point
Kahvikuja 3 A 2nd floor, 00980 Helsinki
Map and connections
Mon, Wed-Thu 9:00–15:00
Tue and Fri closed

Haaga service point
Hopeatie 6, 1st floor, 00440 Helsinki     
Map and connections
Tue 12:00-15:00
Thu-Fri 9:00–15:00
Mon and Wed closed

If you already have a contact person, please be in touch with them.

16.09.2020 13:13