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Youth services

Youth services comprise
- health care services for students and for young adults who are excluded from training, education and working life,
- social services for customers of youth social care, Duuri, child welfare aftercare and temporary youth activities
- Luotsi activities for 13- to 15-year-olds
Youth services include services to secure young people’s livelihoods and to assist young people with housing.
Young people enrolled in a general upper secondary school, a vocational institution or a university of applied sciences are entitled to student health care services.

Young people excluded from training, education and working life are entitled to health care services (a health check).

Those young people who have reached the age of military or civilian service are offered temporary youth activities.

Young people in need for support in their life situations, for example, in connection of training, education, work, unemployment or housing, are entitled to youth social services. The name and contact information of the appropriate social worker can be found by the service seeker’s home address: Youth social services. Information about income support and how to apply for it is available on: Income support.

Young people re-placed by child welfare authorities and those in aftercare are offered social and housing-support services as well as employment guidance.

Those 13- to 23-year-olds who are concerned about the substance abuse or other dependencies of themselves or others are offered assistance at youth centres.

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