Suoraan sisältöön


The City of Helsinki social services and health care operations offer various types of volunteering opportunities throughout the city.

People of all ages can volunteer. Volunteers can work in projects or in longer-term programmes. All people willing to volunteer can find tasks to meet their resources and interests.

New volunteers do not need to possess any special knowledge or skills above those of an average citizen. Volunteer work is not paid. The reward to volunteers comes from the joy and awareness of working with beneficial tasks. Volunteers are acquainted or trained in their tasks, and they are offered recreation and further training.

Volunteers can be given exclusive, tailored volunteering tasks according to their resources and special skills, especially in work with adults and the elderly. Suggestions for such tasks are welcome and held in high value.

Contact us and let us know what type of activity is of interest to you!

04.09.2018 08:52