Psychiatric emergency services

Psychiatric disorders are treated at the customer’s local health station on weekdays 8–16. When health stations are closed, go to the Emergency Health Centre of the Haartman or Malmi Hospital.

Emergency teams at psychiatric outpatient clinics treat acute cases. The clinics are open from Monday to Friday.

Psychiatric emergency services

Around-the-clock psychiatric emergency services in Helsinki will be provided by the Haartman and Malmi hospitals' emergency departments.

  • Haartman Hospital Emergency Department (primarily for residents of southern, central and western Helsinki) Haartmaninkatu 4, building 12 tel. 09 310 63231

  • Malmi Hospital Emergency Department (primarily for residents of eastern, south-eastern, north-eastern and northern Helsinki) Talvelantie 6, entrance J tel. (09) 310 67204

The emergency departments of Haartman and Malmi hospitals provide emergency mental health care for residents of Helsinki aged 16 or over.

Emergency mental health care services for those under 16 years old are available at the Children's Hospital Emergency Department (Stenbäckinkatu 11, tel. 09 87 10023).

In the case of mental health problems, both adults and children should primarily seek treatment at their local health station. In non-urgent matters, patients of the Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Centre should turn to their designated care unit.

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