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Health stations

Mental health and substance abuse services at health stations

Your primary care location in substance abuse and mental health matters is your local health station. The staff there will refer you for further examinations and treatment as necessary.

At the health station, your treatment will be handled by a work team consisting of a doctor and a nurse. Health stations also provide the services of nurses specialising in mental health and substance abuse work. Patients are referred to these nurses after a care needs assessment carried out by a public health nurse or a doctor.

If you require urgent care, you can come directly to the health station on weekdays. However, we recommend that you call your local health station first.

Health stations

Health stations are closed on evenings and weekends. During these hours, sudden illnesses and injuries are treated at the emergency rooms of Haartman Hospital and Malmi Hospital. Emergency health station services for children are provided by the New Children’sHospital.

Appointment with a nurse specialising in mental health and substance abuse work at a health station

Health station in Helsinki offer appointments with nurses specialising in mental health and substance abuse work.
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Mental health service Mieppi

Mieppi is a low-threshold mental health service unit offering discussion support for adults and young people over 13.
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