Housing consultation

Apartment houses

The housing consultants offer help and advice in various housing-related problems. The City of Helsinki has 16 housing consultants, which serve the Helsinki residents of different areas. Various life difficulties can be the reason for housing problems. There are different channels and service systems that offer help for these kind of difficulties, and the housing consultants may steer the customer towards these services, when necessary. If you would like to meet a housing consultant, you can make an appointment with the housing consultant in your residential area. Check the contact information to find out if there is a housing consultant in your area.

With what matters can a housing consultant help you?

  • difficulties with paying rent  
  • threat of eviction
  • applying for allowances and benefits
  • other housing challenges

Contact us in time

  • It is important that any problems with housing are solved as early on as possible.  The housing consultant can review your situation comprehensively, for example by evaluating problems with rent and other housing related questions. When necessary, the housing consultant can, by your permission, contact the Social Services or Kela, for example. The aim is that your situation is improved and that housing can continue as normal. The housing consultants are committed to professional secrecy.

Housing counsellors at local social work and social instruction units:

Haaga service unit    
Merja Kallinki tel. 09 3104 2996
Tuuli Tervo tel. 09 3104 2995

Herttoniemi service unit  
Mirella Gråsten tel. 09 3104 2992
Sari Ylitalo  tel. 09 3104 2993

Kallio service unit   Mon-Fri 9-10
Pauliina Partanen  tel. 09 3104 4012
Aino Suikkanen tel. 09 3104 4014

Malmin service unit  
Sanna Mainonen tel. 09 3104 1210

Maunula service unit   Mon-Fri 9-10
Helena Päärni tel. 09 3102 4458

Housing counsellors in the properties of the City of Helsinki:
The counselling is only for residents of these properties. In urgent matters, please contact your own property or a social services unit.

Heka-Kantakaupunki Oy
Maarit Lehtinen tel. 09 4766 7410

Heka-Kontula Oy 
Satu Rautiainen tel. 09 7705 5038
telephone hours klo 9-10

Heka-Maunula Oy
Sari Torvinen tel. 09 3104 2994
telephone hours klo 9-10

Heka - Myllypuro Oy  
Mila Uysal   tel. 09 7705 5102
telephone hours Wed and Thu 9-10   

Heka Puotila Oy 
Mila Uysal tel. 09 3434 0320 
telephone hours Mon, Tue 9-10                                        

Heka-Vesala Oy 
Anne Löfgren tel. 050 3244 226

Heka-Suutarila-Jakomäki Oy
Niina Vasara tel. 09 3507 0013 

Heka- Puotila -Vuosaari oy
Maria Nordman  tel. 09 3417 3031

Emergency duty

Heka- Laajasalo Oy ja Heka- Roihuvuori Oy
Mirella  Gråsten tel. 09 3104 2992

Heka-Malmi Oy
Sanna Mainonen tel. 09 3104 1210, only Fridays

Heka-Siilitie Oy ja Heka- Roihuvuori Oy
Sari Ylitalo tel. 09 3104 2993

Senior Social Instructor 
Anne Kinni
tel. 09 3104 6783

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