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Financial and debt counselling

Financial and debt counselling office
Information: Tel. 09 3104 3887 Mon-Thu 9-12
Opening hours Mon-Fri 8.15-16

Mechelininkatu 46, 4th floor, 00260 Helsinki
P.O. Boc 8670, 00099 City of Helsinki

Area of service: all Helsinki

Financial and debt counselling services provide private citizens with information and guidance on how to manage their finances and debts and how to plan their finances. The services assist private citizens in finding solutions related to their finances and in making applications.

The services assist customers in seeking and comparing alternatives for solving financial problems, as well as assisting customers in reaching agreement with creditors.

The services assist customers in applications for social lending and education-related social lending.

The services assist private citizens in applying for debt restructuring at a district court; in the preparation of debt restructuring documents; in procuring required documents; and in the preparation of statements and replies.

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