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Malmi Health Station

Influenza vaccinations 2019

The health stations have not received the influenza vaccine yet. Risk groups are vaccinated at vaccination points 25 - 29 November.
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The Finnish institute for health and welfare THL asks those over 65 years old to participate in a vaccine research. You can get the research vaccine without an appointment on weekdays 9:00–16:00 (Fri 9:00–15.00) until the 22nd of November. We recommend you to go to the Kinapori service centre, Kinaporinkatu 9, access also from Hämeentie 58–60, where there is the most vaccine available. Other vaccination points are Töölö health station, Sibeliuksenkatu 14, and Kontula health station, Ostoskuja 3.
For more information please call THL tel. 0800 94065 on weekdays 9:00-15:00 or the city tel. 09 3104 8633 on weekdays 8:00-16:00.

Malmi health station:
Mon–Tue, Thurs–Fri 08.00–16.00, Wed 08.00–18.00 by appointment

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