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Health stations

It is safe to visit health stations also in coronavirus times

The health stations are open and you do not need to cancel your appointments. It is safe to visit health care services.

It is important to take care of your and the loved ones health also during the coronavirus epidemic, both in case of an acute trouble and a long-term condition.
It may be fateful not to seek help, if the sicknesses get worse.

The lobby greeter will receive you at the health station. The greeter's task is to guarantee you a safe visit. He or she will ask you a few questions and then guide you forward. Thank you for your cooperation!

Do you suspect you have contracted the coronavirus?

Fill in the symptom questionnaire at You will, on the grounds of your symptoms, get instructions on what to do. If needed, you can make an appointment to a coronavirus test at the service.

If you cannot do the coronavirus check-up, ring the Helsinki Coronavirus helpline tel. 09 310 10024 (weekdays 7-16) and at other times to the Medical helpline, tel. 116 117.

Use the coronavirus symptom checker
What to do if you suspect having contracted the coronavirus

Notice! The health stations will be open on weekdays 8:00–16:00 until 31 August (no evening appointments). The Jakomäki, Kannelmäki and Kivikko health stations will be closed for some of the summer.
Social and health care services in the summer 2020

Health stations are currently testing new operational models

A few health stations have introduced a new health and well-being centre model. In this model, a professional that acts as the client’s contact person will be appointed to the client, and they will coordinate the client’s services. In addition to this, the different professionals will work more closely together, in order to benefit the clients.

The clients of every health station may, in addition to calling the health station, explain their service requirements electronically, when it best suits them. We will react to your contact requests at the latest during the next weekday.

Tell us what you need help with

You can receive basic health care services at your local health station. The health station is your primary place of care, which can refer you to further examinations and care at other health care units.

In case you need urgent care, you can come straight to the health station on weekdays. However, we recommend that call your health station first.

Health stations are closed on evenings, nights and weekends. Acute illnesses and accidents of adults are treated at the Haartman and Malmi Hospitals’ Emergency Health Centres. Emergency care for children is provided by the New Children's Hospital.

Need for care assessed at the health station

Health stations use a call-back system. When you call a health station, your phone number is stored in an automated answering system. You are called back as soon as possible. A nurse assesses your condition and directs you to the appropriate place of care. Nurses answer calls from 8–9 and 12–13 Monday to Friday . These are the times when you can best reach your designated nurse. The nurse assesses your condition on the phone and, as needed, gives you home care instructions; an appointment to see a nurse, physical therapist or doctor; or a telephone appointment with a nurse or doctor. If you suffer from a long-term illness that requires regular care, we recommended that you choose a doctor-nurse pair. Many health-related matters can be managed with eServices. You can find the health station contact information and service hours on the health station pages.

Self-care points

Every health station has a self-care point at which you can take your blood pressure, weigh yourself and measure your waist line. Helsinki self-care pages tell you how to look after your wellbeing and promote your health on day-to-day basis.

Laboratory services

You can have laboratory tests taken at any HUSLAB unit in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, either with or without an appointment. You need a referral from a doctor or nurse for any laboratory test.

Choosing a health station

As a Helsinki resident, you have been appointed a health station on the basis of your residential area. 

If you wish, you can change your health station in Helsinki or choose another health station from another municipality.

If you have long-term illnesses or take regular medication, we recommend that you choose a nurse-doctor work team, in order to improve the continuance of your treatment.

  • What should I do if I want to change my health station or choose a nurse-doctor work team?
    • Contact the health station of your choice, notification by phone or at the location will suffice.
      Express your work team selection, which will then be taken into account, if possible.
  • What should I do, if I want to change the municipality providing my health station services?

More information on choosing a health station and a work team

Health stations also have maternity clinics.

Health stations on the map

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