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Helsinki offers

free-of-charge contraception

to those under the age of 25

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Contraceptive advice and sex counselling is provided by

You can start contraception at

  • health stations
  • a maternity clinic during the follow-up examination after giving birth
  • upper secondary educational institutions (upper secondary schools and vocational schools) as well as universities of applied sciences for those over the age of 16

In special situations related to contraception, please contact the Centralised contraceptive advice service.

What does Helsinki offer free-of-charge and to whom?

For those under the age of 25:

  • Contraceptive pills or a vaginal ring
  • A copper or hormone IUD as well as a contraceptive implants
  • Condoms are available from health care units

For everyone:

  • First placement of a copper or hormone IUD or contraceptive implant
  • Condoms are available from health care units

After abortion and for substance abuse services clients:

  • Contraceptive implants as well as copper and hormone IUDs are always free of charge after an abortion and to substance abuse services clients

Free-of-charge contraception is offered to everyone under the age of 25 (including those who have used contraceptive pills/a vaginal ring, IUD or contraceptive implant before) as well as non-local students or those who have chosen Helsinki’s health centre services.

Free-of-charge contraceptives

Only the basic range of the city of Helsinki’s medicinal products are free-of-charge.

More information

Centralised contraceptive counselling

Birth control methods (Terveyskylä, in Finnish)

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