Other health care services

Birth control counselling

Counselling on birth control and sexual questions is provided by health stations and maternity clinics as well as by school and student health care providers. The services include information on contraception and sexuality. Birth control is also available from institutions of secondary education. A central birth control information serves customers in special situations.

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Foot therapy

You need a referral for foot care. You should make an appointment at a foot care station by phone Mon–Fri 9–11  tel. 09 3104 5425.

Foot therapy

Seamen’s health care

Doctor’s referral for service at sea and seamen’s health care services

Seamen’s health care (in Finnish)

Memory disorders

If you detect a memory disorder in yourself or someone close to you, be brave and be examined, for example, at your health station. If further examinations seem necessary, a patient with a memory disorder is referred to a specialized clinic. Further care and follow-up are carried out by the health station or in home care.

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Nutrition therapy

An appointment to see a nutrition therapist can be made with a referral from a doctor, public health nurse or nurse.

Nutrition therapy


Helsinki residents are vaccinated in accordance with the normal vaccination programme (tetanus, diphtheria, polio, etc.) free of charge at their health stations. Occupational health care and private clinics also provide these basic vaccinations.

Information on vaccinations
Vaccinations for travellers
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Communicable disease information

Information and advice about infectious diseases is available from local health stations and the telephone health service, tel. 09 310 10023 / 24 hours a day. For laboratory results related to infectious diseases, please contact your local health station.

Infectious disease information and advice
Anonymous HIV testing
Examinations and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
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Stop-smoking clinic

The City of Helsinki stop-smoking clinic organizes courses and provides personal guidance on how to stop smoking.
Smoking cessation

Occupational health care services for businesses

Occupational health care services in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen are provided by the City of Vantaa owned Vantaan Työterveys, a municipal corporation providing occupational health care services for businesses. The services comprise legally mandated, preventive occupational health care and can include primary care.

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