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Dental care service voucher

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Based on a treatment need assessment or an examination, you may be offered an electronic service voucher as an alternative to oral health care that the City of Helsinki provides itself. The service voucher (form available in Finnish and Swedish only) allows you to freely choose which dentist and dental clinic you wish to use from among the service providers approved for the City of Helsinki’s service voucher system.

You can find information about dentists and clinics on the website (available in Finnish and Swedish only), where you can also compare the service providers’ fees, locations and admission times. Once you have logged in with your online bank codes or mobile certificate, you can view your service voucher’s information.

Treatment costs with a service voucher

The value of the service voucher covers some of the costs of your treatment. You will need to pay the excess sum directly to the service provider dentist.

You can see the service providers’ excess fees in the dentist price comparison after logging in to the website. The excess fees of the different service provider dentists vary within limits agreed with the oral health care services of the City of Helsinki.

Your excess might be lower, equal to or higher than what you would pay for the same treatment at the City’s own dental clinic.

The excess will not be reimbursed by the state benefits agency Kela. The excess may be considered as other basic costs added to basic social assistance, but only to the extent of the health centre customer fee. Any additional fees must be paid by the customer who receives basic social assistance.

If your treatment plan includes dentures or a mouth guard, you must pay for the dental laboratory costs for the manufacturing of the device in the same way as they would if the treatment were provided at the City’s own clinic. These costs may form a significant portion of the total costs.

You are responsible for any costs incurred from missing an appointment.

The service provider dentist who conducts your service voucher treatment will send your patient documents to the City of Helsinki’s oral healthcare services, which function as the record controller for patient document data.

Making an appointment for service voucher treatment

You will receive a text message when your service voucher is ready.

NOTE! Please inform the service provider that you wish to use your service voucher when making an appointment.

Log in to the website (available in Finnish and Swedish only). You can log in using your bank codes or mobile certificate ( authentication) to view your service voucher information and compare and choose your service provider dentist.

We recommend making an appointment as soon as you receive the text message.
Your service voucher is valid for six (6) months from the date of issue.

Who is responsible for my treatment?

The contractual relationship between a client who has received a service voucher and the service provider is governed by the provisions of consumer and contract law. If a client is unhappy with the treatment they have received with a service voucher, the matter must be resolved between the client and the service voucher dentist.

What should I do if I do not want to use my service voucher?

If you do not wish to use a service voucher that you have been issued, you must contact the City’s oral health care appointment booking (+358 (0)9 310 51400). The City will then organise your treatment in another way. Please note that in this case you may have to wait longer for your treatment.

Contact information for the centralised dental care appointment booking

The types of service vouchers used by the City of Helsinki

Complete treatment service voucher

Instructions on how to use service vouchers (pdf)

Service voucher for further treatment after emergency care

Instructions on how to use service vouchers (pdf)

Service voucher for repairing cracked teeth

Instructions on how to use service vouchers for repairing cracked teeth (pdf)

Service voucher for dental examination and comprehensive care

Instructions on how to use service voucher for comprehensive treatment package (pdf)

Check-up and treatment service voucher

Instructions on how to use check-up and treatment service vouchers (pdf)

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