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The fees of the municipal dental care

The dental services at municipal dental clinics are subject to a charge for clients who are 18 years or older. There is a fee for every appointment.

Dental care fees can not be paid at the clinic but an invoice is sent home. Please notice that one dental care invoice may include fees from several appointments if you have had them within one month. 

Notice! We have not been able to send dental care invoices to clients after 15 July 2018 due to problems in the data system. We are currently investigating the problem.

No KELA reimbursement is available for municipal dental care.

In prosthetic procedures the fees include the services of a dental technician, which are added as per actual costs.

The fee for an unused or uncancelled appointment time is 40.30 euros for all 15 year old clients. The cancellation must be done the day before at noon at the latest.

Examples of dental care fees (in euros):

Oral hygienist


Specialised dentist 

Preventive care

Local anaesthesia

X-ray  photography

Dental filling

Removal of dental calculus

Tooth removal






6.70 - 15.00

15.00 - 43.60

6.70 - 43.60

15.00 - 29.80

Examinations of Mouth and Teeth    
- minor examination 6.70  
- basic examination 15.00  


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