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Dental clinics and appointments


Urgent and necessary dental care during the coronavirus epidemic

During the coronavirus epidemic, the urgent and necessary dental care is secured at Kalasatama, Myllypuro, Malmi and Linnankoskikatu dental clinics. All the other dental clinics are closed.

All contacts to the dental clinics are made by phone or via the chat. The dental clinics will not make appointments.

You can call about an emergency appointment, cancel or postpone your appointment by calling tel. 09 310 51400, Mon–Thu 7–18 and Fri 7–15. We have a callback service.

Non-urgent dental care will be postponed

Non-urgent appointments are being postponed to after the coronavirus epidemic. We shall be in contact with our clients regarding the cancellations of appointments.

You may cancel your appointment via the online dental care service (also in English).

The oral health care chat is open weekdays 8–15 at the Finnish site
After the epidemic has subsided, we will continue the periodic examinations of children and young people, adult examinations and non-urgent care.

Do not come to a dental care appointment if you have a cold.

Booking of non-urgent appointment

Centralised dental care appointment reservation from 09 310 51400 (Mon–Thu 7:00-18:00 and Fri 7:00-15:00).

You can reserve an appointment from this number for both urgent and non-urgent cases. 

In non-urgent appointment bookings it is possible to leave call- back message on weekdays 7:00-15:00.

When you call the dental care appointment service, you will hear a message asking you to first choose, whether you wish to have the service in Finnish, Swedish or English.

After this, you will be asked to choose one of the following alternatives:

  • the cancelling of an appointment
  • urgent need for care (toothache or accident)
  • appointment reservation, or other issue
  • unable to dial selection.

After this, you will be connected to a nurse. If all the nurses are busy, you can leave a message for us to call-back. We will call you back as soon as possible, either to the number you called from, or any other number you provide.

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