Dental care

Patients are admitted to dental care according to urgency. To make an appointment, call centralized dental care appointments at 09 3105 1400 (8–15 Mon–Fri). The urgency of your case is assessed on the phone.

Urgent care for aches and accidents on weekdays is given at emergency dental care clinics, tel. 09 310 51400 (8–14 Mon–Fri).

Emergency dental care on evenings, weekends and holidays is given at the Haartman Hospital, Haartmaninkatu 4, Building 12.

Appointments for emergency care are made by telephone at 09 310 49999. You should call before going to the clinic, in order that the urgency of your case can be assessed. The telephone service hours are 14–21 on weekdays and weekends and 8–21 on holidays.

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