Dental care

Patients are admitted to dental care according to urgency. To make an appointment, call centralized dental care appointments at 09 3105 1400 (7–18 Mon–Thu, 7–15 Fri). The urgency of your case is assessed on the phone.

N.B. The call-back service for non-urgent calls is closed on Friday 15th of June, 2018 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

N.B. Our booking service is overcrowded at present due to introduction of a new patient data system. Unfortunately we must occasionally close the line for non-urgent appointment bookings. It may take some days before you will receive a call concerning a non-urgent appointment. We apologize the inconvenience.       

Urgent care for aches and accidents on weekdays is given at emergency dental care clinics, tel. 09 310 51400 (7–14 Mon–Fri). After that you are instructed to call the Metropolian area emergency service, tel 09 3104 9999 which answers daily till 21:00.

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