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Non-institutional social work

Non-institutional social work is intended for a child, the child’s parents or other guardians in situations when the child’s right for a safe and inspirational growth environment, for balanced and versatile development and for special protection is not fulfilled, or there is reason to suspect that this right is not fulfilled.

A social worker explores alternative solutions together with the customer, organizes support activities and services, and evaluates the realization and effectiveness of the alternative solutions.

Child welfare notifications

Notifications should be made to regional child welfare units or by telephone to 0206 96006 after the office hours.

Regional child welfare units

(the links are to Finnish pages)

Southern Helsinki
-  Kallio    

Eastern Helsinki 
-  Itäkeskus and Kivikko  
-  Vuosaari  

Northern Helsinki
-  Malmi     
-  Maunula

Western Helsinki
-  Lassila

The whole Helsinki
Swedish speaking families  

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