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School and student health care

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Wear a face mask in social and health care services

We recommend that everyone over the age of 12 uses a face mask in all facilities within social and health care services.

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The launch of Apotti will cause changes in the services in April and May

On 24 April, Helsinki is launching the new client and patient data system Apotti within in some of the social and health care services.

Because of the launch of Apotti, there will be changes in our services in April and May.

Read more about how the launch of Apotti is affecting the services from this link

E-services will be transferred to Maisa

On 24 April, some of the social and health care services in Helsinki are launching the new client and patient data system Apotti as the new e-service channel Maisa.

The e-services from the service are moved to Maisa. The services will be closed in already before Maisa is launched.

Read more about the changes in e-services here

Coronavirus vaccinations are affecting student health care

  • Some of the student health care staff is called in to help with the coronavirus vaccinations at the vaccination units.
  • This means that a nurse won’t necessarily be present in the educational institute the same days as in a normal situation.
  • Planned vaccinations may be delayed and some health checks may be postponed.
  • The nurses helping with the vaccinations will return to the educational institutes as soon as enough staff is recruited from elsewhere.
  • Student health care services are available in most educational institutes.
  • The nurses can be contacted by phone or through e-services. Follow this link for more information about the e-services.

Student health care services from 6.4.2021

Student health care services are also open during the spreading phase of the coronavirus and available in almost all educational institutes. You can contact the nurses by phone or using online services. You can also leave a contact request in Wilma or by e-mail.

The centralised student health care service is located at Mechelininkatu 46 A, 4th floor.
Appointment booking, tel. 040 662 4166.

The centralised location offers the following services:

  • Vaccinations
  • Support in questions regarding mental health
  • Contraception and emergency contraception
  • Urgent cases of infectious diseases
  • Call-up examinations for the armed forces and examinations for those who have been asked to have a second examination
  • Urgent follow-ups
  • Health checks, if possible

The centralised student health care is open even if the nurses at the educational institutes would be moved to other tasks due to the coronavirus pandemic, e.g. coronavirus vaccinations and infection tracing.

A face mask must be worn at the student health care practice and the waiting areas.

You can also contact us through the chat service, Nuorten chatti (in Finnish). The service is intended for residents of Helsinki and also for students from other municipalities aged 16–29 and it’s open on weekdays 12–15.

Experts within social services and health help young people in the chat. Young people can – with a low threshold – ask about things on their mind, e.g. their health, mental health issues, drugs and bullying as well as work, studies and relationships. It’s also possible to start a chat without a specific topic in mind.

In Nuorten chatti it’s possible to discuss the situation with an expert and if necessary the expert can help to figure out the correct service for the young person.

Influenza vaccines given through school health care

Vaccines are primarily given to those who are at greater risk of getting severe influenza and people close to them. People who are especially susceptible are those with severe immunodeficiency, severely ill people, children under 6 months, pregnant women and elderly with underlying diseases.

The school health care has only received a limited amount of vaccines. To be able to vaccinate the pupils who are in risk groups we hope that vaccination appointments are only booked by and attended by pupils who run a great risk of getting severe influenza or are close to people at great risk.

If you must cancel an appointment that is already booked, please contact the school health care nurse.

Influenza vaccinations in student health care

You can book an influenza vaccination time to your own educational establishment by phone.

The vaccinations are provided mainly to students who are doing an internship within the social and health care sector and people belonging to risk groups.

University of applied sciences student health care services from 1 January 2021 onwards

The City of Helsinki’s student health care services for students of universities of applied sciences ceased on 31 December 2020, as student health care services transferred to the Finnish Student Health Service (YTHS) from the beginning of 2021.

From the beginning of 2021, you can contact the Finnish Student Health Service (YTHS) by clicking here to book an appointment.

You can find more information and answers to questions on YTHS´s web pages.

School and student health care services

The objective is to encourage pupils to adopt healthy lifestyles and to provide them with self-esteem development support and life skills management support.

Each school has a designated school public health nurse and a school doctor, whose contact information and appointment hours are printed on bulletins distributed to pupils’ homes. Provision of health care services is based on the number of pupils at each school. The City of Helsinki Health Department recommends that one school public health nurse and one school doctor should not be responsible for more than 800 and 6,000 pupils respectively.

At the beginning of comprehensive school, parents fill in a form concerning their child’s current health status. The child’s health card is sent from the child health clinic to the school health care services. Based on this information, the child’s special needs can then be taken into account at schools. During comprehensive school, the school public health nurse aims to hold yearly appointments with every pupil and there are three standard doctor’s appointments (in grades 1, 5 and 8).

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