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School and student health care

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Topical in school health care

Coronavirus vaccinations for children and young people aged 12–15

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Student health care during summer 2022

The centralised student health care service is open throughout the summer at Mechelininkatu 46 A, 4th floor. Book an appointment, tel. 040 662 4166. The services are intended for students and young people, including those not involved in education or working life.

Student health care is open in summer 2022 until Midsummer in almost all educational institutions.

Mechelininkatu’s centralised vaccination reception and infectious disease surveys only by appointment 13 June–7 August 2022. More information on tel. 050 310 5547.

University of applied sciences student health care services from 1 January 2021 onwards

The City of Helsinki’s student health care services for students of universities of applied sciences ceased on 31 December 2020, as student health care services transferred to the Finnish Student Health Service (YTHS) from the beginning of 2021.

From the beginning of 2021, you can contact the Finnish Student Health Service (YTHS) by clicking here to book an appointment.

You can find more information and answers to questions on YTHS´s web pages.

School and student health care services

The objective is to encourage pupils to adopt healthy lifestyles and to provide them with self-esteem development support and life skills management support.

Each school has a designated school public health nurse and a school doctor, whose contact information and appointment hours are printed on bulletins distributed to pupils’ homes. Provision of health care services is based on the number of pupils at each school. The City of Helsinki Health Department recommends that one school public health nurse and one school doctor should not be responsible for more than 800 and 6,000 pupils respectively.

At the beginning of comprehensive school, parents fill in a form concerning their child’s current health status. The child’s health card is sent from the child health clinic to the school health care services. Based on this information, the child’s special needs can then be taken into account at schools. During comprehensive school, the school public health nurse aims to hold yearly appointments with every pupil and there are three standard doctor’s appointments (in grades 1, 5 and 8).

Helsinki to hire temporary school doctors to help with school health care

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some medical examinations in school and student health care were not carried out during the 2020–2021 school year. Due to the pandemic, some school doctors were assigned to other services, including contact tracing. All of the doctors have now returned to schools.

Last term, we were able to offer school medical examinations primarily to pupils who e.g. teachers, nurses or parents were concerned about.

In spring 2021, we received service vouchers to use for school medical examinations. Unfortunately, there was an insufficient number of doctors offering school medical examinations with the service voucher at that time.

As a new way to alleviate the situation, the City will now be starting a competitive tendering process for school medical services, so that the new doctors hired after the process will work alongside City doctors in schools.

Additional school doctors will allow for the City to carry out school medical examinations this school year.

School nurses will provide more information on the medical examinations via the Wilma system.

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