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Maternity and child health guidance

No sick children or adults to clinics

Maternity and child health clinics are not meant for sick persons. If needed, you can make a new appointment by phone 09 3105 5530 (Mon-Fri 8-14) or via e-services.

If you suspect a coronavirus infection, read instructions here

Arabic: ه لا يجوز المجيء إلى استشارات الأمومة والطفولة (neuvola) والشخص مريض
Somali: iyadoo la jiran yahay aan rugta caafimaadka hooyada iyo dhallaanka la imaan karin
Sorani: ڕاوێژگەی دایکان و منداڵان
Russian: что при наличии симптомов болезни приходить в консультацию для беременных и новорожденных, а также в детскую консультацию нельзя

Maternity and child health clinics and family centres are open

Despite the coronavirus the maternity and child health  clinics and family centres  are open. We will inform about changes. We always contact the client if an appointment is cancelled.

Read more about changes till 31 May 2020 (pdf)


Maternity and child health guidance is provided by public health nurses and physicians. 

The purpose of maternity guidance is to promote the health of expectant mothers, foetuses and newborn babies and to foster and maintain the health and wellness of the entire family. A public health nurse and a physician monitor the progress of pregnancy by means of regular check-ups. The number of visits to the maternity clinic and of home visits depends on the individual needs and requirements of the mother and the family.

The purpose of child health guidance is to secure the best possible health of every child and support the family so that the child can have the best possible conditions for growth, a healthy development and wellbeing. At a child health clinic the growth and development of the child is monitored. Discussions about the family's health habits and subjects worrying the family are held. The child is given the vaccinations according to the national vaccination programme.

Information and appointments Mon-Fri 8.00-14.00 09 310 55530

By calling this number, you can:

  • make an appointment for a maternity and child health clinic public health nurse
  • cancel a maternity and child health clinic appointment
  • ask for advice from a public health nurse.

If we cannot take your call immediately, we will call you back as soon as possible.

Changes at the maternity and child health clinics in Malmi and Laakso

Malmi maternity and child health clinic will re-open in Malmi (Talvelantie 4) on the 7th of September 2020. The reception for the nurses and doctors at the maternity and child health clinic are located on the second floor of Malmi health station. The entrance is located behind the building at door C (the door is on the same side as the health station’s parking area). There’s no lift, you must take stairs to the second floor. There’s a buggy park with a roof outside door C.

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