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Mediation in family disputes

Mediation of family issues are intend for parents who wish to consider their family's situation and their separation from the viewpoint of the child, through the methods of mediation. The purpose is to assist spouses in solving their family's issues through the methods of mediation and, in particular, to secure the child's position, if the parents decide to separate. Mediation of family issues is necessary, if a couple is considering a separation or thinking about the situation after their separation. Mediation of family issues is free of charge.

The customers may make an appointment with the mediator and ask for advice:

  • by phone +358 (0)40 68 65293
  • Monday and Wednesday from 9-11

Mediation of family issues is carried out by employees appointed to the task.

  • Vironkatu 2, 1th floor, 00170 Helsinki
    • Monica Sourander (mediation also in swedish)
    • Kari Väisänen 

  • Itäinen Family center, Tallinnanaukio 1, 00930 Helsinki
    • Jaana Kujala (mediation also in english)
  • Kumpulantie 13, 3fl, 00520 Helsinki
    • Anne Posa (mediation also in english)

  • Kahvikuja 3 A, 00980 Helsinki
    • Vesa Knutti

  • Malmin asematie 3 A, 2fl, 00700 Helsinki
    • Eija Rahkonen

The service is only for Helsinki residents.


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