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Therapeutic work for families with infants

The therapeutic work for families with infants is intended for parents expecting a child and for families with a child younger than 12 months in situations where worries caused by pregnancy, childbirth or post-natal care affect the parenthood and the relationship between the parents and the infant. The service should be sought when help from other people, the services of a child clinic and other basic-level services are not sufficient.

You can apply for service via the Social guidance for families with children, tel. 09 3101 5454 on weekdays 9–12, and the electronic Need help?’ button. The Swedish telephone service is on Mondays 9–12. If you already are a client and want to cancel your appointment, please contact your own contact person.

More information

Senior Psychotherapist Jonna Lehtinen puh 09 3104 7575
Child Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist Riitta Karhu-Toropainen puh. 09 3102 9198

Therapeutic work for families with infants
Service area: Helsinki
Kallio Family Centre
Toinen linja 4 C, 3rd floor
P.O. Box 6450, 00099 City of Helsinki
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Branch office
Malmin asematie 3 A, 2nd floor, 00700 Helsinki
Map and connections
P.O. Box 8315, 00099 City of Helsinki

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