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Social and contact work

Social and contact work supports customers aged 65 and over living at home to maintain and improve their quality of life and ability to function.

In addition to customers, services are provided for the customers’ families in cooperation with various partners. Social and contact work is divided into social work, social guidance for contact work, social guidance for support for family caregivers, services at the centre for family caregivers and home assistance for family caregivers.

Social work is work that improves the customers’ life management and independence. The work is based on investigations and evaluations of service needs as well as plans prepared with the customers. Social guidance for contact work is systematic work with customers carried out by social workers, intended to explore ways and solutions that support the customers’ independence and management in everyday life situations.

Social guidance for support for family caregivers consists of an investigation of family caregivers’ overall situation, evaluations, planning, information and service guidance. The work includes tasks related to granting support for family caregivers.

The centre for family caregivers serves family caregivers with expert services, service guidance, places to meet, recreational activities and various group activities.

Home assistance for family caregivers is a service that supports family caregivers to maintain their strength. The services are sought from the local social and contact work unit.

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Senior Info

The Senior Info tel. 09 3104 4556 Mon-Fri 9-15 gives information and guidance about the elderly services of the City of Helsinki, companies and organisations.