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Act of informal care

Act on Support for Informal Care has changed 1st of July 2016

Informal carers’ right to leave is set has been extended so that all informal carers who have signed an informal care agreement are entitled to at least two days of leave every calendar month. If the informal carer’s leave has already been granted, the situation will not change.

According to the Act, a municipality may arrange training and complementary education as well as wellbeing and health check-ups for informal carers, if necessary. Helsinki utilises an electronic health check-up intended for informal carers.

The right to leave will come to force on 1 July 2016. The accumulated holiday days can be taken from 1 August 2016. If the carer wishes to utilise the right to leave, she or he needs to contact the appointed social care worker for support for informal care. A new agreement on support for informal care will be drawn up for the informal carers who become entitled to leave based on this change in the law. The agreements will be renewed by the end of 2016.

The informal carer can have their leave monthly, or save the days up and take a longer period of leave. The statutory leave must mainly be taken during the calendar year. However, holiday days from December can be taken in January of the next year. Untaken leave will not be compensated for as money.

An informal carer is entitled to leave for any calendar month during which the carer is bound continuously or with only minor interruptions to provide around-the-clock or continuous daily care. They are not entitled to leave if the care they have provided has been interrupted by more than five days in one month.

If the client has been granted some other discretionary, short-term care, the granted informal care leave may affect the amount of other short term care. The matter will be determined case-specifically.

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