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Housing services

24-hour care is provided at assisted living homes or in the form of institutional care mainly for people age 65 or older and people suffering from multiple disorders who need extensive 24-hour care and assistance. The main objective of 24-hour care is to strengthen the customers’ independence by supporting them to rely on their own resources in safe, pleasant and stimulating living environments. Customers are offered opportunities and means to experience that they are part of the care community.

Assisted living homes house customers in single and double rooms. The services include meals, laundry and clothing services, cleaning, safety services, recreational activities, assistance in errands, routine care, and social services and health care.

Institutional care consists of services that support and promote the elderly customers’ ability to function and their quality of life by means of care, attendance and rehabilitation.

Housing services are also provided by contracted units and by private retirement homes.

Approved providers of assisted-living service vouchers in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and elsewhere in Finland.

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