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Home Care Services

The Home Care Services Unit of the Helsinki Health Centre organises nursing, care and the necessary support services in order to maintain the health and functionality and offer care in cases of illness or disorders of the elderly, convalescents, patients suffering from chronic illnesses and disabled people over the age of 18. The objective is to secure the customer’s active and safe living at home.

Home nursing entails nursing and rehabilitation services prescribed by a doctor, taking place at home. A doctor’s referral is required in order to receive home nursing services. If it is not possible to organise these services in another manner, customers of the Home Care Services receive the health care and nursing services they need at home.

An individual service and care plan is prepared for each customer of the Home Care Services, recording the services provided by the Home Care Services team. The plan is prepared together with the customer and their relative/other trusted person.

Who is entitled to home care services?

A person is entitled to home care services and related support services if they need help in daily activities such as eating, washing, dressing, getting out of bed or chair, walking or visits to the toilet.

If a customer needs home care services, they or a close relative can call the Home Care Services area team leader during the call-in hours, Monday to Friday 9-11.

You can get the contact information for the Home Care Services by phone by calling the Telephone Health Service +358 (0)9 310 10023 or the Department of Social Services and Health Care switchboard at  +358(0)9 310 5015.

The first step is to complete a preliminary assessment which can be conducted as a telephone interview. If it is assessed, based on this interview, that the customer is in need of extensive support, a home appointment for a further assessment is arranged with the customer.

Customer Fees for Home Care Services

For temporary home nursing and domestic services, the charged fee is 15.20 EUR per visit (visits by a doctor or a dentist) or 9.60 EUR per visit (visits by other Home Care Services staff). For temporary domestic services, the customer fee charged corresponds to that of the temporary home nursing service fees.

The monthly fee for continuous home care services is determined by the number of services, the gross income of the household and family size.

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