Other services

Services to support independent living help intellectually disabled individuals to live independently in their own homes, without need for continuous institutional care. There are services that improve the functionality of the customer home.

Personal assistance can be provided for a seriously disabled individual on the condition that the individual can define the content of the personal assistance provided and the manner in which the assistance is provided.

Services related to mobility include transport and escort.

Short-term care supports an individual caring for a disabled, intellectually disabled or ill family member at their home.
Short-term care is organized at group homes, in family care and at institutions. Applications for short-term care are submitted to the local social worker.

Informal care
Care can be given by a family member or other close individual to an elderly, disabled or ill person whose ability to function is compromised. This type of care is supported with care allowances, leaves and services supporting caregivers.

Act on informal care changed 1 July 2016

16.01.2017 12:15