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The Maisa portal

The Maisa portal is a new digital channel for the social and health care services of Helsinki. We will start using Maisa in our services gradually during 2021. From 24 April onwards, you can use Maisa in matters related to health care, dental care, maternity and child health clinics and senior services. 

Via Maisa, you can: 

  • view and complete your data related to social services and health care 
  • view your examination and laboratory results 
  • contact social service and health care professionals via the messaging service
  • book or cancel appointments 
  • request prescription renewals 
  • authorise a person of your choice to act on your behalf. 

Note! The health care staff will reply to messages sent in Maisa within three workdays.

Maisa is available via a web browser at and via the mobile app. You can download the Maisa app onto your device for free via the iOS or Android app store. To log into Maisa, you will need online banking credentials or another type of strong authentication. The first time you use the service, you also need to accept Maisa’s terms of use. 

Using Maisa on behalf of someone else 

A legally competent person aged 18 or over may authorise a person of their choice to act on their behalf. Guardians of children aged under 12 automatically have the right to act on the child’s behalf. 

Read more about acting on someone else’s behalf on Maisa’s website.

Maisa instructions

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