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Water transport

Water transport, foto: City of Helsinki

Several traffic contractors offer ferry rides as a possibility to visit the islands of Helsinki. The ferry routes and schedules and the fares vary according to the traffic contractor. Suomenlinna can be accessed only with a HSL ticket for public transport in the metropolitan area.

Harakka - Merisatama
The naturally diverse island of Harakka is located off Kaivopuisto. Harakka has a nature centre, which is maintained by the City of Helsinki Environment Centre. It is not allowed to bring dogs to Harakka.
Merenkävijät’s ferry boat to Harakka from the Ullanlinna pier, in front of Café Ursula, enquiries tel. +358 40 533 9536.

Kaunissaari - Vuosaari
Kaunissaari is located in the Sipoo archipelago, close to the open seas and within an approximate 40-minute sea voyage from Helsinki. On the island, there is a city-maintained recreational park, which is great for fishing, camping and hiking.
NorsöLine ferry boat to Kaunissaari from Vuosaari Kalkkihiekantori, at the end of Kalkkihiekantie, enquiries tel. +358 500 821 921

Korkeasaari – Market Square or Hakaniemi
On Korkeasaari, there is a zoo maintained by the City.
The boat of Suomen Saaristokuljetus to Korkeasaari (in Finnish) departs from the Market Square pier and the Hakaniemi Market Square pier, enquiries tel. + 358 500-102 111.

Liuskasaari - Merisatama
Liuskasaari is located in front of Merisatama (Sea Harbour). Helsingfors Segelsällskap rf (HSS) has had a small boat harbour on the island since 1893. The HSS’s club house has a summer restaurant, which is decorated with sea inspired artwork by Björn Landström and Mikael Schilkin.
Helsingfors Segelsällskap rf’s ferry boat to Liuskasaari, enquiries tel. 09 633 637.

Lonna - Market Square
The small island is 150 meters long and belongs to the Suomenlinna neighbourhood. It is located between the Market Square and Suomenlinna. The distance from the mainland is just 1.5 kilometres, the trip takes seven minutes with the ferry connection. You can board the ferry from the Market Square at the JT-Line dock. Check the exact location of the dock from the JT-Line website.

Mustasaari - Taivallahti
The Mustasaari recreational park is located in the western part of Seurasaarenselkä. The island is owned by the Helsinki Parish Union. On the island, the Parish Union manages a leisure centre, where events such as day camps are arranged for the parishioners during summer. Ferry to Mustasaari

Pihlajasaari - Ruoholahti or Merisatama
The Pihlajasaari recreational park is located on Lauttasaarenselkä. It is the most popular recreational island of the citizens of Helsinki. The island has a restaurant, a rental sauna, a kiosk, barbeque shelters and a naturist beach. The wide sand and rock beaches of the island and the roads around the island offer great recreational possibilities. Dogs are not allowed on Pihlajasaari.
JT-Line’s ferry boat to Pihlajasaari, enquiries tel. +358 9 534 806.

Hakaniemi - Herttoniemi - Laajasalo - Vartiosaari - Satamasaari - Iiluoto - Vuosaari
Satamasaari and Iiluoto are part of the eastern archipelago of Helsinki. They are owned by the City of Helsinki.
Suomen Saaristokuljetus’ ferry boat, enquiries tel. +358 500 102111.

Sirpalesaari - Merisatama
Sirpalesaari is located in front of Merisatama. The island has been the club harbour of Suomalainen Pursiseura (SPS) since 1963. The harbour offers services both to its members and to guest yachters. The summer restaurant Saari is also located on the island.
Ferry's boat to Sirpalesaari, enquires tel.+358 50 340 1512

Suomenlinna - The Market Square or Katajanokka
The Suomenlinna Sea Fortress was built about 250 years ago on islands off Helsinki. During summer, people visit Suomenlinna to freshen up, sunbathe and swim. There are also a number of museums in the historical setting. The fortress was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1991. The Suomenlinna ferry traffic is part of the public transport arranged by the HSL (Helsinki Region Transport). Suomenlinna ferry traffic information, HSL’s guidance tel. 09 4766 4000, Mon - Fri 7.00 - 19.00, Sat, Sun and holidays 9.00 - 17.00.

Särkkä - Ullanlinna pier next to Café Ursula
The island of Särkkä is located off Kaivopuisto. The island is the base of the Merenkävijät yacht club. The island’s restaurant Särkänlinna is managed by Palace Hotel.
Merenkävijät’s ferry boat to Särkkä, enquiries tel. +358 40 533 9536.

Uunisaari - Merisatamantori
Uunisaari islands (northern and eastern) are located off Kaivopuisto. The islands are perfect for sunbathing and swimming. There is a restaurant on northern Uunisaari. Uunisaari also has a beach, which is maintained by Helsingfors simsällskap rf.

Valkosaari - South Harbour
Valkosaari is located in the South Harbour off the Olympic terminal. On the island, there is the home harbour of Nyländska Jaktklubben rf (NJK) and a yacht club restaurant.
Nyländska Jaktklubben rf’s ferry boat picks you up from the shore when the white signal is raised, enquiries tel. +358 9 636 047.

Hakaniemi - Laajasalo - Vartiosaari - Satamasaari - Iiluoto - Vuosaari
Vartiosaari is located in eastern Helsinki, off Laajasalo and Tammisalo. Vartiosaari has a nature path, which was awarded in 2002.
Suomen Saaristokuljetus ferry boat, enquiries tel. +358 500 102111.

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Helsinki has a variety of recreational parks around the city and by the sea. The Helsinki Sports Services manages beautiful islands and seaside recreational areas near the city or in neighbouring municipalities.