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Cycling in winter

The City of Helsinki wants to enable people of all ages to cycle throughout the year. Cycling in wintertime is promoted by developing bike route maintenance.

The City of Helsinki’s goal is to promote winter cycling and develop the winter maintenance methods used on bike routes. Based on the results of the winter maintenance pilot project carried out in winter 2015–2016, the City has decided to continue and expand the experiment and tested new methods in maintaining primary bike routes in the winter.

As of winter 2020-2021, any pavements adjacent to bike routes covered by intensified winter maintenance will be maintained to an equally high standard as the bike route, if the pavement is the responsibility of the City. The maintenance method may be different, however.

Prioritised winter bike route on Baana.

Prioritised winter bike route on Baana. 

Routes prioritised for winter maintenance

Approximately 52 kilometres of routes will be swept and salted and 13 kilometres of roads will be covered by intensified maintenance during the winter season 2020–2021. This winter, the maintenance of these routes will be overseen by a group of volunteer winter cycling agents, who are tasked with monitoring and reporting on winter maintenance to the City. The results of the work will be utilised in developing and improving the quality of winter maintenance. The project is being executed in cooperation with Helsinki Cyclists (Hepo).

Prioritised routes have been swept and salted since 2015. 

Routes prioritised for winter maintenance in winter season 2020–2021 >

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