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Parking fees for low-emission cars

The City of Helsinki will grant a 50 percent discount on parking fees to low-emission passenger cars and light quadricycles run entirely by electricity. The discount applies to street parking in zones 1 and 2.

The discount will be granted if the car meets the emission criteria set by the City of Helsinki.  In order to receive the discount, the parking must be paid for by using a smartphone application or byr Magee-payment device. The discount is also available to people not living in Helsinki and for resident or corporate parking.

Apply for the discount at the Urban Environment Division’s customer service

Seek the discount by visiting the Urban Environment Division’s customer service or send us your registration number and contact information by emailing or via telephone.

The emission criteria are reviewed regularly

The criteria which are valid from the beginning of 2017 are presented in the following table.

Emission criteria

09.08.2019 09:07