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Urban Environment Division, Customer Services

Sörnäistenkatu 1
00580 Helsinki
P.O. Box 58231, 00099 City of Helsinki
+358 9 310 22111
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Abandoned vehicles

The City attends to vehicles abandoned in public areas, for example by the side of the road or the forest.  Scrap vehicles are crushed and used as raw material for industry. Transport costs are charged to the last owner of the vehicle.

Vehicles abandoned in public areas can be reported to the Urban Environment Division’s Customer Service

Upon request from the building caretaker, the city attends to the transport of vehicles abandoned within the boundaries of a private property. If the vehicle is in good condition, the tow-away request is made by telephoning the Urban Environment Division’s Customer Service. They tell you if you should fill the form for requesting the tow-away. 

Getting rid of scrap vehicles for free

The owner of a vehicle can scrap it at any take-back point authorised by Finnish Car Recycling. Recycling the vehicle is free to the owner.  The city transports vehicles for recycling upon request. If the city delivers the vehicle for recycling, the city will charge the costs of the transfer to the recycling point.




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