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Vehicle tow-away

Your vehicle missing? Mobile service to locate it (in Finnish).


A municipal authority can tow away a vehicle if it hampers or obstructs maintenance or other work done on the streets. Vehicles are usually removed to the opposite side of the street or a nearby street. Maintenance or other street work and a request to remove vehicles are notified by special signboards 48 hours in advance.

A vehicle can be towed away also due to illegal parking. In that case the vehicle can be removed only after 48 hours since the parking fine was ordered. However, if the vehicle considerably obstruct the flow of traffic, it can be towed away immediately.

In most cases the towing is subject to a charge. The owner or holder of the vehicle is obligated to pay the towing charge.


A vehicle can also be towed to a municipal storage due to street work or illegal parking. A vehicle may be towed to the storage also due to 5 or more unpaid and non-appealable parking fines.

In these cases the registered owner or holder of the vehicle is issued with a written decision. The vehicle must be retrieved from the storage within 60 days the service of the decision. If the owner or the holder of the vehicle is not known, the decision is serviced by an announcement on the City of Helsinki public announcement bulletin board (Pohjoisesplanadi 11–13) and on the Urban Environment Division’s website.  If not retrieved in time, the vehicle will become property of the municipality.

All related parking fines and towing fees must be paid before the vehicle is given out. The vehicle can be given only to a registered owner or holder. 

See the fees (in Finnish).


If not satisfied with a decision concerning vehicle tow-away, the owner or holder of the vehicle can demand rectification. In case of wheel clamping, also the driver of the vehicle can demand rectification.

The demand for rectification must be submitted within 30 days of notice of the decision. The owner or holder shall be deemed to have received the service in seven days from the sending of the letter, unless it is otherwise proven.

The demand for rectification must be made in writing. It shall indicate the name and the address of the sender, the register number of the vehicle and the number of the decision. All documents supporting the demand for rectification must be appended. Providing the account number of the payer expedites the process.

The demand for rectification can be made in Finnish, Swedish or English and can be delivered by e-mail (, post or fax.

Example sign of Request to transfer vehicle

Example sign of Request to transfer vehicle 2

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