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Payment methods and parking fine

Payment methods

Mobile phone
Payment by mobile phone is available from three service providers - EasyPark, and ParkMan – which require registration.

Magee payment device
Parking can be paid with Magee payment devices. Read more (in Finnish) >>

Automated ticket machines
In new ticket machines you can pay parking by credit card or debit card and Contactless payment. There are still few ticket machines what accept coins. The combination card payments will be charged by credit card. The new ticket machines can also find information on where the nearest coin-operated ticket machines can be found. If you do not have credit or debit card, you can purchase PrePaid credit card eg. from your own bank or R-kiosk. You can pay also via Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Paying parking on a ticket machine

Parking fines

When you park illegally, you can be fined 60-80 euros. Unless payment is made by the due date, a penalty of 14 euros is added to the fine. The term of payment can be extended for compelling reasons.

Contesting a parking fine

If you think that you have been fined unjustifiably, you can contest the fine.
- The fine must be contested within 30 days.
- The fine does not have to be paid while the request is being processed.
- The process may take several months.
NOTE! Any appendices relating to the state of health or financial situation that may be annexed to the rectification claim will be deleted after processing the claim for parking fine.
- Contesting a parking fine online

Contesting a fine when parking has been paid with a Comet payment device

The Comet payment history should be attached to a request to rectify an unjustified fine. You should check the history immediately after you have been fined, because the device only shows the last 20 parking transactions. The device can also be brought to the Urban Environment Division's customer service or to a Comet sales outlet. Thus the processors of the request can check if the Comet machine operated correctly. The request should also include the device’s serial number.

Contesting a parking fine by other means than online form

A request to rectify an unjustified fine should be made in writing. The request should include

- your name and address
- the vehicle licence number
- fine number.

The request should include all documents referred to in the request. By including your bank account information, you speed up the possible repayment of the fine. A request for rectification can be submitted to the Urban Environment Division's customer service by mail, by e-mail to by fax or in person.

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Wheel clamp

An illegally parked vehicle may be clamped after 48 hours since the parking fine was ordered. A vehicle may be clamped also due to 5 or more unpaid and non-appealable parking fines. More in Finnish...