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Urban Environment Division, Customer Services

Työpajankatu 8
00580 Helsinki
P.O. Box 58231, 00099 City of Helsinki
+358 9 310 22111
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Removal center

Autotallintie 22
00770 Helsinki
P.O. Box 9593, 00099 City of Helsinki
+358 9 310 76865
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Car hotel

Car hotel offers a convenient way to store summer vehicles over the winter. Resident parking permits are not valid on streets for vehicles taken out of traffic for a limited period. However, resident parking permits can be used to store vehicles in the car hotel. Vehicle storage in the car hotel without a resident parking permit is subject to a charge.

The car hotel is located in Tattarisuo at Kaasutintie 22. The car hotel is a fenced and illuminated area with 24-hour video surveillance. You can bring to the car hotel up to two vehicles at a time, to be stored for 30–180 days. The car hotel serves private individuals who are Helsinki residents.

The service is free of charge with a resident parking permit. Without a permit, the charge is EUR 35 per month. If you don't have a permit the agreement for vehicle storage is made at the car removal centre. The service is highly popular, so it is recommended that vehicle owners find out about the availability of space before bringing vehicles to Tattarisuo.

The car hotel service hours are the same as opening hours of the car removal centre at the same address. 

Instructions for resident parking permit holders

21.11.2020 22:23